Welcome to Bed & Breakfast La Rêverie!


La Rêverie means reflection, daydream, reverie, pampering and it is exactly that what we offer you. A few days out of the bustle and settle down in the French region of the Champagne-Ardenne.

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You’re only at 70 km from the Belgian border, but you are really in France. the French cows are grazing in the sun, the rolling wooded landscape, radiating tranquillity, the small country roads bearing almost no traffic and with some luck you can spot deer and wild boar, hiding in the woods.
The beautiful panoramas, with these picturesque villages.

That is France at its best!

Our beautiful house is located in the typical village Châtel Chéhéry, at the edge of the Forêt d’Argonne forest, here you have the cleanest air of the European woods.

We have two beautiful guestrooms.

Welcome at Bed & Breakfast La Rêverie