Regional Products

The Champagne- Ardenne region produces a lot of regional products.
The most well known is of course the Champagne and the Ardennes ham.
Other products from the region include:

  • Ham from Reims
    Cured cooked pork shoulder flavoured with champagne, moulded and breaded
  • Sauerkraut with champagne
    The Aube is the second French producer of cabbage for sauerkraut. Indeed, it is the plain of Brienne that produces this vegetable. Sauerkraut with champagne or cider is an Aube’s speciality that should be discovered.
  • Red Ardennes turkey
    The Red Ardennes Turkey is a French-Belgian turkey breed that is adapted to the harsh climate of its original distribution range, the Ardennes.
  • The Boudin Blanc from Rethel
    The Boudin Blanc de Rethel is a sausage from Rethel in the French Ardennes. Unlike the Boudin Noir it is not a blood sausage but it is made of ground meat (pork, beef or even chicken), eggs, bread and milk.
  • Pink biscuits from Reims
    The powdered and crispy pink biscuit of Reims combines in an extraordinary way with champagne, releasing the most subtle flavourings.
  • Bouchons de Champagne
    These little chocolates in the shape of a champagne cork release champagne liquor in the mouth.
  • Prunelle de Troyes
    This liquor is made here since 1840 and is distilled with plum kernels.
  • Ardennes beer
    Two famous brands are Princess and Ardwen.